Aug 03

If any of you are like me all the weather products made by Oregon Scientific are just so cool. here is there full fuctioning weather station. It comes equipt with everything and just to make it look even more attractive its all wireless.

Product Info:

The solar powered radio frequency sensors constantly feedback information to the LCD touch screen, providing you with everything you need to monitor your environment. Software and cable are included to link the Weather Station to your home PC.

Oregon Weather StationOregon Weather Station

Aug 02

I’m sure you have all heard about the improvements to our in-flight entertainment, with virgin rolling out USB and 110v power outlets, Dome and mood lighting, American airline with their new Wi-Fi capabilities and in Australia testing mobile phone use on the flights?

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Aug 01

For those who type a million key strokes a minute and tierd of the smell of burning fingers tips, or those who just want to change the smell of their working enviroment well hold your breath no longer (exucse the pun) the answer is a USB oil burner.

USB Oil BurnerUSB Oil BurnerUSB Oil Burner

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Aug 01

If you are up to date with the going on’s of Google and Microsoft you’ll no dout know about the new release of virtual eath 3D. You’ll also have seen many a blog and update showing the planes and cars driving round for both cometitors to get the best details and imagry.

Its now time to wait for its release and the upgrade of Google earth to pick a winner. (i wonder if Microsoft will not update certain maps? Specifically those where  Google and Mac headquarters are standing)

The demo looks sweet! (

Aug 01


Everywhere you surf today all you read about iPhone and system updates. It’s not all over just yet with the upcoming apple event it seems that there are huge updates in the near future, both software and hardware. rumors have come up about a refreshing shift in the iMac range and even more patch updates for all OS systems. keep an eye out for August the 7th!


apple update